India Learning To Live With Air Pollution

After Diwali came the inevitable cloud of smog in Delhi. The fact that smog is going to arrive any moment was known to every single person living in Delhi, just the intensity of this smog was a bit surprise. And why not? The toxicity of air was 14-16 times more than the safe limit. The PM 2.5 level skyrocketed making people vulnerable to various respiratory problems. Usually when the smog checks in, a translucent greyish layer of air cover the city. But this winter, this layer was quite thick, almost opaque.

As this year's smog came right after Diwali, a number of people directly blamed Diwali's crackers for it. On the other hand, some remain critical of the farmers of Punjab and Haryana who burned their paddy releasing poisonous gases in the air that reached Delhi through wind. While both burning crackers or crops fairly invite criticism not because they polluted the air but because these actions could have been avoided or minimized.

Diwali is celebrated everywhere in India …

Gangubai - The Oldest but Youngest Sarpanch of Pune

Gangubai Nivrutte Bhambure gets up at 5 am to do household chores. She is a 94-year-young sarpanch of Bhamburwadi village and holds the distinction of becoming oldest sarpanch in Pune district.

Gangubai believes in hard work. She says it's time to work for the people, her people, otherwise it's of no use of her becoming a sarpanch. She says, she will not disappoint them who trusted and endowed her with the chair of sarpanch.

The first task would be to help farmers from seven villages who own 1000 hectares of land, but due to lack of water they can't grow anything on it. According to Gangubai's grandsons, there is a canal less than 2km from these farms but they don't get a drop of water. The government had failed the people. Gangubai is keen to take PM's help in this matter and she is very optimistic that PM will respond to her request. She says that PM Narendra Modi is like her son and he will definitely help her and the farmers. Her other priorities as sarpan…

Anatomy Of Suicidal Propensity And Life's Purpose

I don't know whether committing suicide is a courageous or cowardly act. And I think, taking a specific side here would be unfair. During evolution, our thinking power enabled us to survive. But, it has also provided us an option to end a messed up life.

Suicide is a very serious psychological and philosophical problem that modern humans are facing today. Legally, it is a crime. Religion, too, never permitted this act. And, as a society, we don't want people to do it.
To be, or not to be, that is the question: Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, Or to take arms against a sea of troubles, And by opposing, end them. To die, to sleep— But, when life becomes miserable, why would one let one's mind to suffer, when there is an option of suicide to attain peace? Why is everyone against suicide?

Probably because, suicide is the violation of human survival interest. We are an adapting species and always believe that there is a sco…

The Magical Castle - Unravelling The Myth

Part 1: The Magical Castle - Sank Of SATAN-3O1

The Fight

One day, Peter and team decided to give a final try and search the deepest part of the sea. Sadie noticed that there was a large number of aquatic animals moving in and out of a particular place. On further inquiry, she saw a castle, yes it was the magical castle. She feel immense pleasure to see it. She also saw a whale there. She informed Peter about this. Peter and John came there with swords and harpoon, hidden with them. They sent Sadie back to the ship for her safety.

As they move forward, Octo uncle saw them and he at once spilled ink as a mark of danger to alert everyone there. Then, came the orca out of the ink to attack them. They moved back in three different direction. The orca chose john and started chasing him. John realised that he can't swim faster than a Whale. So, he aimed the harpoon towards Orca and shot it one after another. This made the orca even more aggressive. John realised that it is his last breat…

The Magical Castle - Sank Of SATAN-3O1

According to the weather forecast experts, it was an ideal weather for commencing a journey. Therefore, the ship SATAN-3O1 commenced its journey to Guyana. It was containing a large number of gold coins which was to be transported via sea route. During the start of this journey, everything was normal. However, somewhere in the mid sea, the weather became extreme. Suddenly, there were high tides, an unstopping rain and a violent storm. The captain and his co-workers fought the storm bravely but couldn't control the ship, and at last, the ship along with all the gold coins sank as the result of extreme weather. And, all the humans in the SATAN-3O1 became dinner of killer Sharks.

The Magical Castle

In the sea, the sank SATAN-3O1 has now a major attraction for the sea creatures. It has fallen into Octo uncle's territory. Octo was a wise octopus. He decided to build a castle, with the help of crab and sea ants, around it to protect them against theft. The ugly Octo has now become a …

Beat The Lost Growth In Your Child With Horlick Growth+

Children are building blocks for a healthy society. They must grow to their full capacities. To carry the load of human species on their shoulders and to take it to a next level, they must be developed strong, vigorous and healthy both physically and psychologically.

Children are curious by nature. This curiosity must be nurtured. It is the quality that churns out great scientists, doctors, engineers, teachers, writers, etc. This curiosity brings innovation and creative ideas, essential for a progressive society, make our life easier and this world a better place to live in.

All parents want to see their children in a healthy state. They leave no stone unturned to keep them strong, healthy and full of curiosity. Often, they get the results. But, in certain cases, their children fall behind on growth. They do not show the symptoms of growth. They do not attain right weight and height as per the age. And, as a result of retarded growth, they do not show curiosity for learning something…

Forgiveness - Your Way Towards Peace

Forgiveness is like a divine power, something that ordinary humans are not entitled to have. And, those who have this quality are more than 'a human'. One, who is a free from materialistic desire and, most importantly, the ego, is blessed with such divine power.

Whether it is about physical or mental strength, weak cannot forgive others. Forgiveness is always an attribute of strong people. It is a trait of mature person having deep inner strength. This strength cannot be bought, it has to be earned. But, how would you earn that? I think, spirituality may be the answer.

There are multiple benefits of forgiveness. It directly influences our thinking process. It sets you free from the negativity building around and boosts positive personality. It saves energy which can be redirected into productive things. It is also the key to longevity and good health.

But, how will you forgive someone who is not even sorry for their action? How will you respond to evil with kindness and hatre…

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